Litter N-2

Born: 19th of January 2019
Mother: IC Monoceros X-Mirabella, OSH f 24
Father: IC Perry Chris Charmed Chrysolite, OSH d 22,
Both parents are PRA negative

Monoceros Nicodem, boy – OSH n 22 – lives with Milita’s family, Lithuania.
Monoceros Not on your Nelly, girl – OSH d 22 – lives in cattery, UK.
Monoceros Noxa, girl – SIA f 21 – stays in the cattery.
Monoceros Naoki, boy – OSH n – lives with Mikas’ family, Lithuania.
Monoceros Naruto, boy – SIA n – lives with Julija’s family, Lithuania.
Monoceros Nicco, boy – OSH n – lives with Viktorija’s family, Norway.
Monoceros Naita, girl – OSH f 22 – lives with her family, Lithuania.