About us

Welcome to “Monoceros” cattery!
This is a virtual home for my cats and I’m very happy that you have visited us. In this cattery live Orientals and Siamese cats. My cattery is small. All pets are living with me and my close friends. All cats are full members of the family. Cattery’s cats never stay or live in cages.
Monoceros is one of the first Siamese catteries’ and the first Oriental cattery in Lithuania. All cats are attending international cat shows across EU states and beneath each cat’s name you can find the detailed information about his/her achievements. All cats hold certain titles, but some of them are really special. I’m proud to have in my cattery the winners of “Lithuanian Top Cat” and “Baltic Top cat” titles and first two Oriental Junior Winners in Lithuania. We also have 8 National Winners and first 2 Baltic Winners in the cattery.
I’m always happy to talk with anybody interested in these breeds on the shows or welcome guests at my home. If you are willing to see my cats at home, just let me know about it and we will arrange a convenient time. I hope that you’ll like all cattery’s cats and this virtual home. If you are interested in wider information about cattery, cats, and future litters, please, do not hesitate to contact via e-mail or telephone.